Thursday, January 26, 2006

Video Game News, January 27, 2006

Video Games Give Musicians a New Stage
AP 1/26/06
"CANNES, France (AP)- Music scout Tim Riley hopes to discover the next Fat Joe -- but has no intention of giving him a record deal."

New Medical Use For Video Games
by Ayinde O. Chase, All Headline News 1/26/06
"According to a new study by Wheeling Jesuit University, sports and fighting video games produce a dramatic level of pain distraction."

Parents play video games too!
Digital Home Canada 1/26/06
"A new study sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) reveals that about one in three parents of small children plays video games."

Use Video Games to Teach, Say Experts
By Jenny Davey, Times Online 1/26/06
"Video games have been much maligned but could be used to help to teach serious subjects such as quantum mechanics and history in schools, gaming experts claimed.

Fatal Accident Due to Video Games?

24 Hours News 1/26/06
"Tomorrow was supposed to be the day Tamir Khan stood up at a Scarborough Town Centre Ceremony to swear his oath of citizenship to the country he loved so much."

Music Sales Influenced by Video Games

by Jeremy Reimer, Ars Technica 1/26/2006
"Video game music has come a long way. "

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