Sunday, January 08, 2006

Video Game News, January 7, 2006

DirecTV Announces "Massive Gaming League"
DirecTV press release, 1/6/06
"Stories of the competitors will be told via interviews and features, complemented with coverage of their exploits in actual competition. DIRECTV plans to launch the Massive Gaming League in 2006."

Could the IRS Tax In-Game Earnings?
by Julian Dibbell, Legal Affairs, Jan/Feb 06
"That decision might force game companies, as John Knight had put it, "to start sending out 1099s every time somebody gets a gold coin or a bag of grapes or a shiny emerald" in a game's virtual world."

Halo 2 Soundtrack - from a High School Marching Band
by Louis Wu, Halo Bungie 11/13/05
"Sandra Day O'Connor High School, from Deer Valley, Arizona, took the field - they performed a program called 'Halo 2'"

The Cost of Gaming
by Jason Smith, Escapist Magazine, 1/6/06
"If you've been reading The Escapist, you've read of how the market is moving toward the mainstream, and you've read about how the retail channel is about to undergo a cataclysm."

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