Monday, April 10, 2006

Video Game News, April 10, 2006

Virginia Bill Seeks More Prominent ESRB Rating on Games
by James Brightman, GameDaily Biz 4/10/06
Virginia Senator Henry Marsh (right) has introduced a bill that would require retailers to feature a much more prominent, larger version of the ESRB rating on Mature-rated video games. The label would take up almost half the front of the box...

Video Games Get Very, Very Naughty
AP 4/9/06
"This new crop of adults-only games would combine the player-player interaction of the online games and the graphic sexuality of the single-player games."

Sheri Graner Ray to Keynote Sex in Video Games Conference
GameInfoWire 4/8/06
"She will be speaking on how to make adult games that appeal to women, using her research on creating games that appeal to women to specifically discuss what women would want to see within the adult game space."

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