Saturday, April 08, 2006

Video Game News, April 8 2006

Pensioners That Play: How the DS is shaping a new gaming audience
by Gearoid Reidy, The Escapist 4/7/06
" reality, the only thing mainstream about gaming is its perception in the media."

Study: M-ratings on games "not accurate"
by Ken Fisher, Ars Technica 4/7/06
"While a game may be rated M and list "violence" as a content descriptor, the game may also have other M-appropriate content, such as gambling or sexual themes, according to the researchers."

Teenagers Losing Interest in Video Games, Survey Says
by Jason Dobson, Gamasutra 4/6/06
"nterestingly, almost 80 percent of teens indicated that they intend to spend less time playing video games in 2006 and nearly 70 percent indicated that their interest in playing video games is decreasing.

Violent Video Games Linked to Risky Behaviors
by Anne Harding, Reuters 4/7/06
"Regardless of whether they grew up in a violent environment, the researchers found, young men who had played the violent game were less cooperative and more competitive in completing an assigned task with another person..."

EDITORIAL: Video games not cause of moral decay; politicians must dig deeper
by Lindsey Poisson, The State News 4/7/06
"It's bad policy to blame major social problems, such as teen violence, on something that just happens to fit nicely as a scapegoat and can be used as a rallying point."

Girl Gamers: More women are glued to video games, from playing to developing
by Heather Newman, Detroit Free Press 4/8/06
"Women make up 43% of all video game players, according to the 2005 survey by the Entertainment Software Association."

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