Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Video Game News, April 21, 2006

Library Fights Hard to Begin New Chapter
by Rick Hampson, USA Today, 4/19/06
"I'd rather see them in here playing computer games than on the street."

Some Video Games Portray Women as Stupid, Easy
by Tiera Oliver, Dixie Sun 4/19/06
"For the last 10 years in the media we’ve heard the phrase “sex sells” and it has proven to be true; sex sells cars, sex sells food, sex sells movies, and now sex sells video games."

Cheer Up! Video Games are in Great Shape
by Ernest Adams, Gamasutra 4/21/06
"So just in case you're depressed about games at the moment, here's a list of things I think we have to feel good about."

Spring Cleaning the Internet Way - Recycling CDs, DVDs and Games!
Growth Ventures Group 4/21/06
"In the past year, a slew of new internet sites has made it easier and cheaper to recycle old media."

Video Games Can Create Unhealthy Addictions
by Justin Jaksha, the Lariat Online 4/21/06
"ake into account the hours spent practicing, competition and cash prices and you've got to beg the question -- has gaming become a legitimate sport?"

The Crying Game
by Mark Wallace, The Escapist 4/21/06
"Can the "art" of videogames ever make the transition from assets to expression? Or, put another way: Can a videogame make you cry?"

Automakers Play to Strengths of Video Games
by Rant W. Repsher, AutoWeek 4/21/06
"Automakers are using the latest online technology to create video games aimed at boosting awareness and capturing sales leads."

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