Monday, April 17, 2006

Video Game News April 17, 2006

Games children play: A new study reveals that children who play video games are better performers, says Shubhobroto Ghosh
The Telegraph 4/16/06
"However, a recent study conducted among 100 university undergraduates at the University of York, soon to be published in the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, says that video gamers consistently out performed their peers in a series of tricky mental tests. The best performers were found to be adept video gamers and were bilingual."

The Video Game Librarian: Breaking the M-Rated Barrier
by John Scalzo, Gaming Target 4/17/06
"Through their connections to other bits of pop culture (and in one case, a piece of Literature with a capital L), these games would be seen as more acceptable than most. "

Video games on Your TV?
by Peter Pollack, Ars Technica 4/17/06
"If you're tired of actually playing video games and are looking for a new pastime that doesn't require quite so much hand-eye coordination, you'll have something to look forward to this fall: video gaming is coming to cable TV."

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