Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Video Game News April 12, 2006

Best Buy and Microsoft to Promote Video Games Safety, Ratings
GameInfoWire 4/11/06
"Best Buy and Microsoft have announced a campaign to educate consumers about the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating system for video games, and to highlight family settings available in electronic gaming consoles like Xbox 360."

Video Games Making you Thirsty?
Vancouver Sun 4/12/06
Advertising has been creeping into videogames in the past few years as virtual billboards that hawk real-world products like soft drinks and computer gear.

Product Showcase: Spring Video Games
Playthings 4/12/06
Promos for Monsters (Midway), Cabbage Patch Kids (D3 Publishers), Final Fantasty XI (Square Enix)and Dig for Dinos (Majesco).

'Brain Games’ to Invade U.S.: Nintendo’s efforts, popular in Japan, engage prefrontal cortex
by Brian D. Crecente, Scripps Howard News Service 4/12/06
"Five years ago, a Japanese professor released a study that asserted video games stunt brain development and could lead to anti-social behavior. Now you can find that same professor’s likeness in a game based on that research."

The Escapist, Issue #40: Dungeons & Dollars
"Eight months ago The Escapist focused an entire issue on the economics of gaming, looking at the way the industry earns money and the gamers spend it. Our authors take another look at the same topic in this week's issue of The Escapist: Dungeons & Dollars." Article abstracts at the Escapist Lounge.

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jessada said...

Interesting stuff. It never really crossed my mind that libraries could be become major gaming venues. -- Jess.