Saturday, April 01, 2006

Innovate-Changing the Way We Think About Technology

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Articles include:

A New Way of Thinking About Technology: An Interview With Futurists Joel Barker and Scott Erickson by James L. Morrison, Joel Barker, and Scott Erickson

MMOGs as Learning Environments:
An Ecological Journey into Quest Atlantis and The Sims Online by Michael Young, P.G. Schrader, and Dongping Zheng

World’s Youth Connect through Global Nomads Group: An Interview with GNG's David Macquart by James L. Morrison and David Macquart

Assessing Principal Internships and Habits of Mind: The Use of Journey Mapping to Enhance Reflection by Donna Cooner and Ellyn Dickmann

Using Market Segmentation to Develop a Large Section, Web-enhanced Survey Course by Jason Cole and Bruce Robertson

To Click Or Not To Click: That's The Question by Johnny El-Rady

A_FLIP to Courseware: A Strategic Alliance for Improving Student Learning Outcomes by John Shank and Steven Bell

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