Monday, April 17, 2006

Video Game News, April 18, 2006

BLOG: The Democratization of Entertainment
by Greg Costikyan, Games Design Art Culture 4/17/06
" occurs to me that the video game industry has, in some ways, betrayed the democratic nature of the form it sells."

The Escapist, Issue #42: Can a Game Make You Cry? now available. Article abstracts at

Video Games May Lead To Aches, Pains: Parents should set limits for children
by Kim Adams, Kim's Good Health/Click on Detroit 4/18/06
"Computer and video games may pose a future risk for some adult aches and pains, Local 4's Good Health reporter Kim Adams said."

Video Games Get TV Showcase

AP, 4/18/06
"SAN JOSE — Professional video gaming is set to debut on cable television this year, potentially paving the way for the reigning game players to become as familiar to American households as the faces of Johnny Chan or Annie Duke in televised poker."

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