Sunday, April 23, 2006

Video Game News, April 23, 2006

My Virtual Life
by Rob Crane, Business Week 5/1/06
"Residents spend a quarter of the time they're logged in, a total of nearly 23,000 hours a day, creating things that become part of the world, available to everyone else. It would take a paid 4,100-person software team to do all that, says Linden Lab. Assuming those programmers make about $100,000 a year, that would be $410 million worth of free work over a year."

Realism's the Goal in Games to Entice Video Investment
by Daniel Lovering, AP 4/23/06
"Most serious games appeal to a niche market and seek to educate and train public officials, students and professionals in various fields using video simulations, technology the military has used for years."

Taking New World Notes: An embedded journalist's rough guide to reporting from inside the Internet's next evolution
by Wagner James AU, First Monday 1/18/06
"The worldwide growth of MMOs is one of the most misreported technology stories in recent years, pigeonholed as mere online entertainment when it is really the harbinger of the new global economy and culture, in ways that even noted thinkers like Thomas Friedman don’t understand."

Glitches Plaguing Pricey Video Games
by Jeanette Pavini CBS5 4/24/06
“I just want a video game disc that works,” says Gwynn.

Games Industry Battles New Legislation
by Paul Hyma, Game Daily Biz 4/24/06
"Legislation aimed at video game sales is on the rise again. But this time the industry is fighting back with projects such as a Web site for gamers who vote."

ISAN Expands to Cover Video Games
PRNewswire 4/24/06
ISAN International Agency (ISAN-IA) announced today the 'ISAN Video Games Schema', new descriptive metadata linked to the ISAN standard enabling the video games industry to accurately, permanently and uniquely identify each of its works.

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