Thursday, March 30, 2006

Video Game News, March 30, 2006

I Can Hear the Colors!!
Inverted Castle 3/29/06
"There are many computer games designed specifically for the blind."

Unauthorized Sales of Video Games to Children Decline in 2005
AP 3/31/06
"WASHINGTON The Federal Trade Commission says unauthorized sales of video games considered too mature for children declined last year due to stronger enforcement efforts."

by Adam Thierer, the National Review 3/29/06
"If the only movies you had ever seen were Natural Born Killers and Sin City, you might conclude that all movies contain excessive violence. But would that really be a fair assessment of all movies?"

Politicians Play Games, Win Fame
by Mike Hendricks, Kansas City 3/31/06
"Once again we’re hearing how video games turn our kids into glassy-eyed sociopaths."

Senators, Researchers & Industry Reps Debate Violent Games
by James Brightman, GamaDailyBiz 3/31/06
"Despite the fact that violent video games laws have been struck down in California, Illinois and Michigan for being unconstitutional, politicians continue to pursue regulation efforts."

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