Saturday, March 25, 2006

Video Game News, March 21-25

Game Overkill
by Michael Fussell, The Post and Courier 3/23/06
"Games based on movies. Movies based on games. Novels based on games. The impact of video games on popular culture is evident in most forms of mainstream entertainment these days."

Video Games: Adults Love Video Games, 3/23/06
"According to a report by the Consumer Electronics Association, about one-third of adult gamers spend ten hours or more playing video games per week. Compared to only eleven percent of teens, some have to wonder where we find the time."

GDC Panel Takes "Hot Coffee" Break
by Waynn Lue, GameSpot 3/24/06
"Developer, academic, and legislator go head-to-head in panel designed to offer solutions to the "us" versus "them" debate on states' right to regulate game sales."

PRESS RELEASE: Easter Eggs: the New Trend in DVD, Video Games and Comics, 3/24/06
"A slew of surprises await comic fans on April 26 when Zoom Suit #1 hits comic shops featuring an overt cover contest and a gaggle of covert “Easter Eggs” revealing phone numbers and web sites that take readers out of the comic and into the middle of an internet conspiracy."

Bus Driver Sacked for Playing Video Games
Times of India 3/21/06
"LONDON: A bus driver in Britain was sacked after he was caught playing video games at the wheel instead of watching the road, the transport authorities said."

Two Very Insightful Views on Design in Video Games
by Rodney Quinn, Opposable Thumbs 3/23/06
"Representing both the East and the West, two of the gaming world’s most legendary artists came together in Paris last week to talk about design in games. Yoshitaka Amano of Final Fantasy fame and Michel Ancel, the mind behind Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil, each had very interesting and different remarks about what it is they do."

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