Thursday, March 23, 2006

Video Game News, March 23 2006

Easygoing Justin, 14, Loves Video Games, Wants to Design Them
by Andrea Christy-Glover, The Republic 3/22/06
"What 14-year-old wouldn't smile when thinking about a vacation to California that involves visits to Six Flags, the beach, Disneyland, Universal Studios and Knott's Berry Farm?"

BLOG: GDC: Serious Games Summit: Behind the Game: What's Wrong With Serious Games?
Gamasutra 3/22/06
" Framed as an open, frank conversation, key advocates of the serious games initiative met to discuss the problems surrounding the serious games field."

On-the-Job Video Gaming: Interactive training tools are captivating employees and saving companies money
Business Week, 3/27/06
"The military has used video games as a training tool since the 1980s. Now the practice is catching on with companies, too, ranging from Cold Stone to Cisco Systems Inc. to Canon Inc. "

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