Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Video Game News, March 8, 2006

Games Can Be Teaching Tools, Author Says
by Diana Thorp, Australian IT 3/7/06
"Video games are teaching children skills to take them into the 21st century and should be welcomed as an educational tool, according to US learning expert Marc Prensky."

Authors Write Guides for Video Games
United Press International Newstrack 3/5/06
"Video games are not usually associated with reading, but the strategy guides are full-color books that tell players the best ways to solve puzzles, find and use weapons and other accessories, discover hidden bounty and navigate the virtual world."

Hutsul: Sane Games Building Nintendo Back
by Christoher Hutsul, Toronto Star 3/6/06
"If video games are to take a front row seat with movies and music as a central pop culture force, they need to appeal to a wider audience."

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