Saturday, March 11, 2006

Video Game News, March 9 & 10, 2006

ADHD Patients Play Video Games as Part of Treatment
by Susan Jenks , Florida Today 3/9/06
'A generation raised on video games is inspiring researchers' efforts to unlock the mysteries of a puzzling learning disorder that afflicts millions of school-age children and even some adults."

Rap and Video Games in the 'Dog Pound: Notorious Rapper Aids in Validating Gaming by Fronting Hip-Hop Gaming League
by Jonathan Silverstein, ABC News 3/10/06
"As proof that not all video gamers live in their parents' basements and eat Twinkie crumbs off their "Punisher" T-shirts, the HHGL is bringing together what may seem like oil and water to an outsider, but is a natural fit from the inside looking out."

They’ve Got Games: Gaming centers try to cash in on booming industry
by Kevin J. Shay and Chris Williams, 3/10/06
"Gone are the days of the dimly lit video arcades... In their place are video gaming centers with cushy oversized beanbag chairs swallowing gamers in front of big-screen, high-definition television sets, each equipped with Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 system."

Video Games Can Save Your Life
Strategy Page 3/10/06
"The U.S. Army has discovered a remote control gun turret that works, and cannot get enough of them."

British Orgs Give Games Festival, Awards: Week-long event will celebrate games in England's capital; BAFTA to give games same status as film, television in annual awards.
by Tim Surette, GameSpot 3/10/06
"Gaming has taken a royal step toward legitimacy in England. Two major events have been announced and will take place later this year in London--the London Games Festival and the British Academy Video Games Awards. "

TN Legislation Proposes Total Ban on Violent Games

by James Brightman, Game Daily Biz 3/10/06
"Tennessee State Sen. Tommy Kilby (right) has proposed new violent video games legislation that would essentially ban violent games from being sold to anyone. "

Bill Could Outlaw Violent Video Game Sales in Tennessee
by Melissa DiPane, 6 News Reporter 3/8/06
"State Sen. Tommy Kilby of Wartburg (TN) has proposed a bill making it a misdemeanor for stores to sell or rent violent video games to anyone. "

A Question of Manners
by Spanner, the Escapist 3/10/06
"The main argument for tighter control of our videogames always seems to stem from a concern that playing out violent or decadent behavior on the screen could ultimately lead to living out similar behavior on the streets."

Empowerment of the Innocent
by Ian Easton, the Escapist 3/10/06
"In terms of history, comic books and videogames have a lot in common."

Resident Experts Explore Etiquette
by Ryan Gauthier and Sundeep Malladi, Badger Herald 3/8/06
"Are there any little habits almost guaranteed to drive a typical gamer insane with anger? The answer, in short, is a resounding “Yes.”

Where to Dump Those Unwanted CDs, DVDs and Video Games
AP, 3/7/06
"Lala is the latest site that lets people trade their crop of audio discs, DVD's and video games for better ones."

Women Save the Princess
by Chi Nguyen, the Eyeopener Online 3/07/06
"The video game industry has long been dominated by men. It is incorrectly assumed that very few gamers are women. The women gaming market is skyrocketing -- it's only a matter of time before developers and marketers take notice."

Fitness: New games: working for that playtime

by Maria Howard, Times-Dispatch 3/8/06
"Recently, ACAC began taking its video-game bikes, dance video game and other popular kids' games, such as the "Box and Bounce" set that allows kids to jump in an inflatable moonwalk while boxing with oversized gloves, out to public events."

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