Sunday, March 05, 2006

Libraries, programming, and Bravery

As March begins, the YALSA New Literacies for Young Adults is ending. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to participate in this online class, and I can say I am proud of my classmates finishing goals.

We spent four weeks discussing the literary value of blogging (MySpace), Wiki's, fan-fiction, and gaming. For the final week we selected a project related to what we had learned, to implement in our libraries.

I am proud to say in the future that more libraries will be hosting video game programming. I want to give Kudos to all of my classmates for taking a step out of the traditional library mold to offer these great programs.

I encourage any of the readers to also take a chance to reach teens. During my entire class my classmates repeatedly interviewed their TAG groups, asking questions sparked from articles we read. Trust you teens and your patrons, and feel comfortable to ask any questions you have of the true experts on video games.

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Beth Gallaway said...

Jami, can you go into detail about your project, or link it to the YALSA blog?