Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Video Game News, March 7, 2006

The Escapist Issue #35: The World Without Games March 7, 2006
abstracts online at http://blog.escapistmagazine.com

Girls on Technology
THE Journal accessed 03/07/06
A study brings video games into the classroom to address the persistent digital gender gap.

Microsoft: 70 Percent of Casual Games Players are Women/
Media Buyer Planet 3/7/06
"During the Women in Games International conference, held recently in San Francisco, Lisa Sikora, of the Casual Games division at Microsoft, reported that 70 percent of their players are women, writes Wired News. The Entertainment Software Association found that 44 percent of online gamers are female, who spend 57 percent of their total playtime on casual games."

Video Games: An Ethical Training Ground

by Mitali Perkins, Crosswalk.com 3/7/06
"If you forbid gaming completely, or rely only on the ESRB ratings of "E" (Everybody), "T" (Teen), "M" (Mature), or "A" (Adult), you're missing out. Games are a great venue to establish and reinforce a code of honorable masculinity."

Video Games Play Part in Training
by Catherine Saint Louis, Detroit News 3/7/06
"...at-home exercisers, out-of-shape novices and video game players who have tried the game say they enjoy combining exercise with a video game and that, with consistent use, it helps boost fitness."

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