Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Video Game News March 15, 2006

Smart Brain Games- Keeping ADHD in Check
by Jamie M. 3/12/06
'"If they just play video games on their own, they will zone out," he says. "When they play on this system, if they zone out, the video game doesn't respond any more," acting as an incentive to improve focus and concentration. '

New training video game helps fight the war on substance abuse
by Cpl. Rose A. Muth Marine Corps News 3/15/06
"After years of development, “First to Fight,” a video game which has been designed by the Marine Corps, was released in early 2005.The game is a training tool to help teach Marines about the effects of drugs while on duty."

Rumor-Playstation 3 to Imitate Nintendo Revolution Feature

"Rumours are flying around that the PS3's backwards capability with the PS1/PS2 won't be as simple as popping the disk in and playing away. Rumours now suggest that you'll have to download them from Sony's online HUB for a small fee."

Turn on your Game Cube to visit your doctor
by Donna Gordon Blankinship The Seattle Times 3/12/06
A doctor at the University of Washington is working with game developers to create an interface that reaches young people with diabetes where they are: on the phone or playing video games.

Video games a hit with Oregon inmates

by The Associated Press Oregon Live 3/14/06
The $35 video game consoles, pre-loaded with 50 games, are being offered as an incentive for good behavior. Prisoners earn the right to buy one after 18 months of good behavior.

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