Saturday, March 18, 2006

Video Game News, March 18 2006

Marvel Handling Halo Comic
by Brendan Sinclair, Gamespot 3/17/06
"All-new stories of Bungie's sci-fi universe set to land in graphic novel form; Moebius, Simon Bisley, among the artists lending their talents to the book."

Carmack, Meier, Lara Make the Walk of Game

by Gamespot 3/17/06
"Revered developers, titillating game characters, and enduring games join second class of inductees into industry-honoring attraction."

Love Video Games But Miss TV? This Could Be The Answer
by Stephen Totilo MTV News 3/17/05
"The next game from Mustaine's Ritual Entertainment, a first-person shooter called "SiN," will be released as TV style episodes."

Sex Alive and Well in Video Games

by Daniel Terdiman, CNET 3/14/06
"To be sure, there has been sex in video games almost since there have been video games, but to hear the panelists--a collection of bloggers, journalists, magazine editors and game designers--talk about it, there's more interest and fewer roadblocks today to such games than ever before."

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