Thursday, March 23, 2006


Welcome to all of the librarians and professionals that were at John Beck's session Capturing the Hearts of Gamers at PLA.

If you found his presentation interesting you should join the YALSA discussion group about gaming. Beth Gallaway has posted detailed instructions for logging on, but I will repeat it here.

Go to
Log in with you ALA member number
Go to Discussions in the upper left hand corner
Click on Discussions-->YALSA-->Teen Gaming Discussion Group
You can join at this screen
Next go up to the top and click Discussion Forum.
ItÂ’s a Forum, where you can post and respond to messages much like a blog, but all posts are treated equally you can respond more. , (Dominic Deegan) and (Magi-Nation) are ones I used to live on.

If you are not a member of ALA or do not want to participate in the discussion group I would strongly encourage you check out and where I have blogged PLA.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you stay.

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