Friday, February 10, 2006

Gay Rights in Warcraft

Over the past week Blizzard has been facing some opposition from the GLBT community. It all began when a player began recruiting members for her guild. She was issued a warning, and told not to bring up a topic related to sensitive world issues. The player quickly responded by posting the events on the World of Warcraft forum, and news spread to video game blogs, a law firm, and then to the research community.

The issue has been resolved, but this has been a difficult time for all parties involved. This can remind us that it is important to fight for the rights of all of our patrons.

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Anali said...

As an avid WoW player and general Blizzard fan, I'm very happy that they admitted their mistake and apologized to the people involved. I know I would have been dissappointed in them otherwise...