Friday, February 24, 2006

Video Games News, February 23, 2006

Video Game Study Shows Performance is Improved by Increasing Scene Changes
WPI Research at the University 2/23/06
"A new study by computer scientists at WPI shows that the rate at which images change on a gamer's screen-called frame rate-has a significant effect on how easily players can hit their targets."

Nintendo to reintroduce Super Mario Bros. in May

by Punch Jump Crew PunchJump 2/22/06
"Nintendo announced on Tuesday that the classic Super Mario. Bros series will see a follow up in May..."

The video-games industry 2/23/06
"ANYONE who plays video games will be familiar with the periodic delays that occur when one level has been completed and the next is loading. A similar delay is now affecting the entire video-games industry..."

Comics, video games keep classic works alive
by Laurie Taylor and Cathlena Martin Gainesville Gaming 2/23/06
"...While not all comics and video games incorporate abundant images, fantastic storylines or highly charged action, many do present storylines and concepts in formats that are accessible for readers of different literacy levels. Plus, video games continue to allow classic comics and other texts from American and world history to continue to circulate in the same way that comics have allowed other classic forms additional space in culture..."

Violent Video Games Under Fire 2/22/06
"Kansas could become the latest state to try to restrict the sale of mature and adults only games to children. The House bill is called the Child Protection from Violent Video Games Act..."

Burdick: Losing money on video games
by Dave Burdick Dirt 2/22/06
"...All of these new-generation gaming consoles start out by losing money..."

Former Nintendo Boss Donates $60 mln
by Christophe Kagotani Next Generation 2/23/06
"Ex-Nintendo CEO Hiroshi Yamauchi has donated nearly $60 million to Kyoto University to expand its hospital."

We Need a Zelda MMORPG
by RedWolf Vintage Computing and Gaming 2/22/06
"...the 20th anniversary of the first release of The Legend of Zelda on the Famicom..."

Nintendo WiFi over dial-up; works well enough?
by Christopher Grant Joysiq 2/21/06
"A recap of the basic networking necessary to share your dial-up connection with your wireless Nintendo DS..."

PS3 Titles to be Downloadable
"...PS3 games may be available for "download" through Sony's so called "HUB" online service..."

Japan introduces new videogames rating system

by Paul Loughrey 2/20/06
"...a change in Japan's Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO) system which includes a new Adult Only style category for graphic/violent videogames..."

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