Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Video Game News, Febuary 14, 2006

Escapist Issue 32
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Class, Take Out your Games
BusinessWeek online 2/20/06
"How teachers are using computer games to pique the interest of tech-savvy kids..."

New York Mayor Fires Worker With Solitaire on Computer Screen
by Sara Kugler, AP 2/9/06
""The workplace is not an appropriate place for games," Bloomberg said. "It's a place where you've got to do the job that you're getting paid for.""

Nintendo DS gets a Hard Drive
by Victor Nintendo Revolution.ca 2/13/06
"...The 4GB MAX Media Player for the Nintendo DS is a fully functioning 4GB hard drive...

GameCube Controllers Won't Work on Nintendo Revolution Games
GameSHOUT.com 2/13/06
"When the Nintendo Revolution comes out, not only will it play next gen titles being made for it, but it will also be backwards compatible with the Game Cube, and will also host a number of classic Nintendo titles..."

Top Mobile Players Aim to Standardize
by Kris Graft Next Generation 2/13/06
"Companies...hope to define an open gaming architecture in order to facilitate the development of mobile games..."

Orange County, Dr. Jenkins Talk Edugaming - Kotaku
Kotaku 2/14/06
"...Instead of just spouting off their personal beliefs about the learning goodness built into many games, the two sought out experts in the field and got them to talk about it..."

Going Where the Girls are-Nintendo Advertising

by Dan Choi, Joystiq, 2/10/06
Nintendo is shifting focus to girls and older gamers.

Urbaniacs Wins a Cellular Deal
by Claire Hoffman, LA Times, 2/13/06
A deal with Smartphones Technologies Inc. will allow delivery of "custom hip-hop and funk ring tones, video clips of Urbaniacs street battles and some of their many Web games to users through cellphone carriers."

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