Monday, February 06, 2006

Video Game News, February 6, 2006

As The Audience Grew Up, So Did Their Video Games
by Daniel McNamara The Daily News 2/5/2006
"This is the first in a five-part series looking at the evolution of video games.
A pair of Italian-American siblings waged war against evil mushrooms and flying turtles amid the gurgle and chime of an improbably catchy theme song..."

Microsoft Execs Respect Nintendo 2/5/06
"...Microsoft executives Bill Gates and Peter Moore have given their opinions, albeit brief, on Nintendo's Revolution controller..."

Moore's Law: What Does Peter Moore Think of The Xbox 360's Past, Present and Future?
by Dan "Shoe" Hsu 1up 2/19/06
"... The consumer only sees the end product on the shelf, but boy, there's an incredible amount of work that went into that..."

Nintendo Applies for Voice to Text Software Patent
by Humphrey Cheung T4 Daily 2/4/06
" speak normally and have the software convert the speech into text..."

Voice-to-Text Chat Conversion for Remote Video Game Play
Darren C. Smith US Patent & Trademark Office filed 7/29/04
"...a video game chat capability with voice-to-text conversion that identifies characteristics of the player's speech and selects text display formatting based on such identified characteristics..."

Nontransferable save game data (Xbox 360 annoyance #013)
by James Ransom-Wiley Joystiq 2/6/06
"...PDZ data cannot be transferred between devices..."

The Good of Games
modulo26 2/3/06
"...Games are primarily thought of as purely recreational activities. Because of this categorization, parents often consider game playing a ‘waste of time’. With video games, parents’ arguments have expanded. Many feel not only that video games are a waste of time but also that they expose children to mature content such as sex and violence.
Despite these claims to the contrary, games are not a waste of time—nor are they only for children..."

Cultural Choices of Video Game Platforms
by Joe Pilotta iMedia Connection 2/6/06
"...results are from BIGresearch’s Simultaneous Media Study VII, with over 15,000 participants, conducted during December 2005..."

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