Monday, February 20, 2006

Video Game News, February 20 2005

For Video Games, Louisville is Title City: First World Series to start here in June
by Tamara Ikenberg, The Courier-Journal 2/18/06
"Louisville's got game -- video game."

Video Games May Aid In Weight Loss
The Kansas City Channel 2/20/06
"SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Doctors predict that for the first time there is a generation of Americans with shorter life spans than their parents."

EDITORIAL: The Woes of Video Games
by Lydia Kaia, National (Weekender Page) 2/19/06
"I arrived home tired from work one afternoon to find the living room to our four bedroom home crowded, leaving me no room to relax and soothe my aching body."

Playing Games in School: Using videos helps students love to learn their lessons
by Matthew Yi, Chronicle 2/20/06
"It used to take Ariana Gutierrez 11 minutes to run a mile. Now, the 15-year-old says she can do it in seven minutes thanks to the Dance Dance Revolution video game in her physical education class."

Gory Video Games to get R-18 Classification
The Yomiuri Shimbun 2/19/06
"JAPAN - Video game makers will have to label games containing particularly violent scenes as not for sale to under-18s, under plans announced by the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association."

My Gamer Lady
by Bruce Neilsen, The Escapist 2/16/06
"Following this sage advice, I planned to introduce my girlfriend - soon to be wife - slowly to computer games, until she came to realize what compelling fun she missed all these years. That, or until the computer games numbed her brain and she became a mindless addict. Either would work for my purposes."

Game Industry Revenue Expected To Double By 2011

by Nich Marago, Gamasutra 2/17/06
"According to a study from ABI Research, the video game industry is expected to double in sales from 2005's $32.6 billion to $65.9 billion in 2011."
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