Saturday, February 25, 2006

Video Game News, February 25, 2006

Generation Xboxers Computer game developers are targeting an older slice of the market.
By Patrick J. Kiger AARP Bulletin Online 2/25/06
'Baby boomers "are more technologically savvy than previous generations," says Carolyn Rauch, a senior vice president of the trade group. "They're more inclined to try the games and take gaming with them as they age."'

City of London goes WIFI
The Cloud 2/20/06
"The City of London Corporation today announced plans to install a dense and comprehensive WiFi internet network throughout London’s Square Mile..."

Video games gaining new respect as legitimate art form
by Geoff Martin 2/24/06
"...a Toronto art gallery is turning some heads by showcasing production paintings and concept drawings from Xbox 360..."

The big business of selling video games to the military
by David Shipley 2/24/06
"...For the army and for IT firms from New Brunswick, indeed throughout North America, video games and advanced simulations are serious business..."

Nintendo gives out 1,000 Revolution Dev Kits 2/24/06
"...Nintendo gives out 1,000 Revolution Dev Kits..."

North American Video Gaming: Surviving A Midlife Slowdown

by Paul Jackson Forrester 2/21/06
"...the video gaming industry is in the throes of a midlife crisis..."

Independent Games Festival
Gamespot 2/25/06
"...19 finalists in IGF's Main Competition category..."

Games for Women, Games by Women
by Carol T Chung Cool Hunting 2/22/06
"...panelist discussions about the types of games currently played by women and the types of games that appeal to women..."

GPS Gaming
by Blake Snow joystiq 2/24/06
'"Inspired by a new FCC regulation requiring cell-phone companies to use GPS technology to report the locations of 911 callers... [Your World Games'] first title, The Shroud, is due this spring. To protect a farming village from enemies, players visit specific spots all over the United States (and race against other players)."'

At Home With Nintendo
by Colin Campbell Next Generations 2/24/06
"...At Nintendo, we spend more time taking a look at consumers and investigating what game players are enjoying and not enjoying. We look hard at those who we consider as dormant players..."

Cashing In on Virtual Humans
by John Hudson Wired News 2/22/06
"Digital humans. The very words conjure images of the polygon personas created for the next blockbuster by production houses like Industrial Light and Magic or Pixar Animation. But there is more to this technology than big-screen eye candy."

Leave video game choice to parents
by Clay Calvert and Robert D. Richards Salt Lake Tribune 2/18/06
"...amend Utah's criminal code prohibiting distribution of materials deemed "harmful to minors" to those under the age of 18. It would sweep video games that depict images of what the measure calls "inappropriate violence" into that category..."

Welcome to AIMOnPSP!
"...AOL Instant Messenger client for the Sony Playstation Portable..."

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