Thursday, February 09, 2006

Video Game News, February 9, 2006

Better Living Through Video Games?
By Carolyn Abraham, Globe and Mail 2/9/06
“When he snags downtime from his schoolwork, Ryerson University student Brad Evans gabs with friends, grooves to Kanye West on his MP3 player and races virtual hotrods on his Sony PlayStation. All at the same time.”

REVIEW: Powergrid Fitness: Working out while playing video games
By Hoyun, Popgadget 2/9/06
“The concept was simple and hugely promising: a whole body-engaging joystick that exercises and sculpts your body while you play video games.”

Video Games: Worth the Wait?
by Troy Wolverton, 2/9/2006
“Investing in video-game stocks is starting to come down to a matter of faith.”

Christian Video Games

by Dana Rebik, KVAL 13 2/9/06
“The video gaming industry banked nine billion dollars in sales last year.”

Games Molding Military Minds
by Chris Mazzolini, Daily News 2/9/2006
EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the last in a five-part series looking at the evolution of video games.
“If it were real, Ajas Island wouldn’t be the safest place to go.”

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