Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Video Game News , February 1, 2006

Video Games Now Part Of P.E. At Local School
Kansas City Channel 9 2/1/06
Video games are now being used in physical education classes at Woodland Elementary School.

A Gaming Dialogue Editorial Review
by Caley "Ridiculous Foilist" Anderson, NetJak 2/1/06
"Objection: Video games are “low media.” They are frequently mind-numbing, shallow, and otherwise worthless. They are a simple distraction, escapism from “real life,” and ought not to be played."

EDITORIAL: Speed Kills, Not Video Games
by gypsyman, BlogCritics 2/1/06
"Last Tuesday night, January 24th, a wealthy and exclusive residential neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada was witness to an event that's growing in popularity among North American teens: street racing."

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