Monday, February 27, 2006

Video Game News, February 27, 2006

Video Games 'Helping Kids Learn'
by Reuben Schwarz, stuff 2/27/06
" can help kids learn how to make decisions under pressure, deal with large amounts of data, think strategically, and manage goals and people..."

Utah's Violent Video Games Legislation Moves Forward
by Doug Osborne, 2/27/06
"...In a 56-8 vote in the Utah House, State Representative David Hogue saw his violent games legislation move one more step closer to becoming law..."

Video Game Offers Health Benefits
by Rhiannon Ally, WIBW Channel 13 News accessed 2/27/06
"...ance Revolution units are already in 157 of [West Virginia's] middle schools and the state plans to add more in another 753 of all of the state's public schools in the next few years..."

Microsoft's Handheld to be Revealed on March 2?
by thorsen-ink, GamSpot News 2/27/06
" anonymous source inside [Xbox developemnt reported that they were]"working on plans to develop its own portable digital media device to rival the iPod." Speaking hypothetically, Xbox marketing chief Peter Moore said any such device would also have gaming functionality. "It can't just be our version of the iPod,"..."

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