Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Video Game News, February 22, 2006

Video Game Study Shows Performance is Improved by Increasing Scene Changes
WPI, Research at the University 2/22/06
"Frame rate is also more important than resolution in determining on how enjoyable players find a game."

Sony’s PS3 Launch Turns Into Waiting Game
by Michiyo Nakamoto, Financial Times, 2/21/06
"Sony may be planning to surprise PlayStation fans by keeping quiet about the exact launch date and the price of its next generation video games console."

Hollywood Byte #6: Peter Jackson Talks Games

by John Gaudiosi, Hollywood Byte 2/16/06
"Jackson's most recent project, the big screen re-make of King Kong, resulted in another successful melding of entertainment -- this time between the linear film and the video game that bears Jackson's name in the title."

Nintendo Dates Mario: The New Super Mario Bros will be carriving in the states in just a few more months.
by Craig Harris, IGN 2/21/06
"Nintendo of America made an announcement today revealing the release date to the long-awaited and long-in-development original Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo DS."

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