Monday, February 13, 2006

Video Game News, February 13, 2006

Clearing the Rap on Video Games: Some argue that video games can promote ethical behavior just as much as they can discourage it
by Britt Peterson, Science & Theology News 2/10/06
"At Playing with Ethics: A Panel on Video Games, a public event sponsored by the Santa Clara University Markkula Center for Applied Ethics in November, participants explored not only the implications of violent and sexually explicit video games such as Grand Theft Auto but also the potential for using video games positively to teach ethics."

Video Games May be Good for Your Brain
by Michael Hoffman, Daily Tech 2/10/06
"There are a lot of critics that claim that video games are detrimental to the mental health of adolescents that play "excessive" amounts of console or PC games. Recent research is trying to prove the theory wrong."

It's All Their Fault
by Shaun Williams, Escapist 2/10/06
"Everyone is arguing about where the blame lies for the flood of bad games to the market."

Video Games Pioneer Atari Fears Plug Set to be Pulled
Evening News 2/10/06
"Atari, the company which became the first giant of the video games industry, today warned there was "substantial doubt" about its ability to continue as a going concern."

Some Worry Violent Video Games Lead To Real-Life Violence
NBC-17 2/3/06
CARY, N.C. -- On Friday, Police Chief Jane Perlov unveiled a 10-point plan designed to curb gun-related crimes and take guns out of the hands of wanted criminals.

Health Alert: Pulling the plug on video games
KGPE, CBS TV47 2/3/2006
"Blinking is beginning of the problems associated with extended video game marathons."

Christian Video Games Are Scarce
by D. Paul Harris, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2/11/06
"Christian video games are scarce in today's technologically advanced entertainment industry, but a growing interest to teach children about spiritual and moral values may change that."

Religion in MMOGs
by Mike Sellers Terra Nova 2/13/06
"...When religion does appear in MMOs it does so as a vague prop that provides nothing in the way of gameplay based on themes of faith, adherence to a code of conduct, membership in and sacrifice for a larger organization, etc..."

Fear and Shivering in Second Life, Part One
by Jason Boog, The Publishing Spot 2/8/06
"The designers of [Democracy Island] hope to initiate conversations about virtual government, conflict resolution within imaginary worlds, and explore how Second Life can interact with “real life” governments."

Video Game World Gives Peace a Chance
by Mike Musgrove, Washington Post Sunday, October 16, 2005
"This spring, the United Nations' World Food Programme released an online game in which players must figure out how to feed thousands of people on a fictitious island."
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