Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Video Game News, February 8, 2006

Advertising to Tweens: The Gaming Market
by GameDailyBiz, 2/6/06
"While the in-game advertisers and much of the industry are constantly looking for ways to capture the elusive 18-34 year-old audience, marketing firm Smashing Ideas has put its focus on the kid and "tween" market..."

Video Games: Do Girls Rule?
by Kristina Wells, Times Herald-Record 2/6/06
"Washingtonville - As if boys aren't lagging behind enough already, the last bastion of boyhood - video gaming - is falling into softer hands."

Games as Sport
New York Times, 2/5/06
The Times looks at the field of cyberathletes.

Neopets. . .The Movie?
by Mark Beall, Cinematical, 2/7/06
". . .the thought that we have to forcibly remove something from its approriate medium (a medium in which is does very well) and jam it into another medium where it only sort of fits . . ."

Red Cross Wants Logo Out of Violent Video Games
by Randy Boswell The Vancouver Sun 2/8/06
"The Canadian Red Cross is warning the video game industry that use of the humanitarian organization's famous emblem in simulated combat is illegal and may be eroding the "protective value'' of the symbol in real-life war zones..."

Investigators: Video Games Not Linked to Shooting
by Maggie Rotermund, Baxter Bulletin 2/8/06
"Investigators have found no evidence that video games played any role in Jacob Robida's killing of Gassville Reserve Police Officer Jim Sell..."

Upcoming 360 Game Requires Hard Drive
by Matt, Planet Xbox 360 2/7/06
"Any game that required a hard drive would not be playable by the Core package owners, as that package doesnt come with the hard-drive..."

Massive Inc: Stay in School
by Kris Graft, Next Generation 2/6/06
"Massive Inc., provider of in-game dynamic advertising, will be featuring a series of public service announcements encouraging kids to stay in school..."

Making a Living in Second Life
by Kathleen Craig, Wired News 2/8/06
"...Michigan furniture delivery dispatcher turned fashion designer in cyber space, never imagined that she could make a living in a video game..."

Video Game Technology More Than Just Recreation
by Diane Mouskourie, Daily News 2/8/06
EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the fourth in a five-part series looking at the evolution of video games.
"Robie Jr. looks like R2D2, the droid made famous in a series of “Star Wars” movies stretching from 1977 to today."

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