Friday, December 16, 2005

The Escapist #23

Issue #23 of The Escapist Magazine focuses on Gaming Below the Radar. "Obscurity Below the Radar" by Joe Szczepaniak exposes (anonymously) the subculture of trading and playing unreleased games, hardware and software, including where to find them (hint: review copies!); Bruce Geryk examines the casual games industry in "Casual Wonder;" in "Games of the Fairer Sex," Bonnie Ruberg concludes "the 'shoddy' girl game reputation is well-deserved," but remains optimistic about the future; Simon Abramovitch reminiscies about low-investment gaming and the dichotomoy between the games and the technoology (and the challenges of keeping up to never get ahead) in "Sisyphus Gaming;" Shannon Drake interviews Paul Jensen, president of SkillJam Technology in "Scrappy Kids Make it Big," and Joe Blancato's "I'm a hardcore casual gamer"postulation made me stand up and cheer. Read online at

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