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Video Game News, December 19, 2005

I hate it when I put together my news link on Sunday and forget to publish it on Monday. Sorry folks!

Editorial: The Brain, the Biology Classroom & Kids with Video Games
by Ann Haley MacKenzie, American Biology Teacher vol 67 no 9 Nov/Dec 2005 pp 517-518
"Evolution is a wondrous thing. We, as biologists, would agree that the mechanisms behind
change remind us of the power of nature and the adaptability of creatures in environments as different as the Mexican desert and the Amazon rainforest."
*note: you may need to access this artcile from a favorite biology teacher or science database :) Thanks to my friend Emily Alling for the source*

Link Seen to Video Games in Prostitute's Murder
by Jarrod Booker, New Zealand Herald 12/17/05
"A man will appear in court today charged with the murder, rape and kidnapping of a prostitute who pleaded for her life as she was repeatedly run over by a car."

Clinton, Lieberman, Bayh Introduce Bill On Violent Video-Games…
by Christopher Conkey, Wall Street Journal 12/17/05
"Legislative efforts to keep ultraviolent and sexually explicit videogames away from children are running into a legal roadblock: the First Amendment."

Plug-and-Play Video Games Offer Low-Cost Alternative
by Scott Craven, The Arizona Republic 12/18/05
"They use years-old technology that produces graphics usually found only in video-game history books."

Senators Propose Fines on Violent, Overly Sexual Video Games; Stores that Sell, Rent to Kids Under 17 Targeted in Plan

by Kristina Herrndobler, San Fancisco Chronicle 12/18/05
"A trio of Democratic senators unveiled a proposal Friday to impose fines on retail outlets selling or renting violent and sexually explicit video games to children under age 17."

Peace on Earth? Hey, what about video games? New gaming consoles and dancing robotic dogs on many wish lists -- but not on many store shelves?
by Janine DeFao, San Fancisco Chronicle 12/18/05
"Shepherds would have quaked at the sight, and Frosty the Snowman might have melted: On the last shopping weekend before Christmas, parents were searching frantically for the gifts that their children must have but that no one can find."

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