Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Video Game News, December 20, 2005

Using Video Games to Explore History
by James Ransom-Wiley, Joystiq 12/19/05
"Late last night, I caught a few minutes of the History Channel’s Brother in Arms documentary, which uses Ubisoft’s series of the same name, to tell the story of the 101st Airborne, 502nd Parachute Infantry during the Normandy Invasion."

Christians Converting Video Games to Reflect Their Beliefs
by Don Fernandez, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12/19/05
"Grand Theft Auto" has been impounded in the Gardner household. So have 1,000 other video games filled with debauchery, decadence and carnage."

Senate Mulls Enforcement of Age Ratings for Video Games
Out-Law News, 12/19/2005
"Legislation designed to stop the sale of inappropriate video games to children was introduced into the US Senate last week. The bill would make it an offence for retailers to sell a Mature, Adults-Only, or Ratings Pending game to anyone under 17."

Video Games Suck (Our Blood)
by Vicente Verdu, El Pais Spain 12/19/05
"In the 20th century photography was long looked down on as a sub-art form; in the 19th, the waltz was long thought shocking. Now, when television has scarcely earned respectability, video games loom as a new peril."

Letter to the Editor: Kids Less Violent Despite Video Games

by Eric Sternberger, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 12/19/05
"If you look at the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Statistics, the violent crime rate for kids 12 and over is at the lowest point in the past 30 years. To go even further and quote the DOJ report directly: 'Recently, the offending rates for 14- to 17-year-olds reached the lowest levels ever recorded.'"

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