Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Video Game News, December 21, 2005

Video Games: Are the myths true?
by Dave Munger, Cognitive Daily 12/19/05
"We learned from Alas, a Blog that Henry Jenkins has written an essay for PBS about video games, making the case that the public doesn’t understand what the games are all about."

Myths and Realities of Gaming

ACRL Blog 12/20/05
"A previous post here at ACRLog discussed higher education’s divided response to Millennial Generation learners. While some experts advocate changing teaching methods to conform with the learning styles of Millennials, others insist that it’s the Millennials who need to conform to the way the professor chooses to teach."

Some Local Stores Still Selling Mature Video Games to Minors
KESQ News 12/20/05
"A new state law will penalize stores that sell mature-rated video games to kids starting January 1st."

The Year In Video Games: 2005's Greatest Gaming Moments: 10 fresh scenes and surprising twists that made games worth playing this year.
by Stephen Totilo, MTV 12/20/05
"Each year has its video games, and each game has its moments. Or at least one hopes each game has its moments. Like a great script that makes an actor eager to play a role, great game moments can make a game worth playing."

Now here's a positive use for video games: Buy this year's hot product and help kids Xbox 360 auction aims to raise cash for charity

by Leslie Ferenc, The Star 12/21/05
"It's one of the most sought-after gifts of the season and on the holiday wish lists of countless kids — young and old."

New Controller Makes Video Games Healthier Image

by Dr. Maria Simbrag KDKA 12/20/05
"After taking the blame for kids being complacent and overweight , video games have been found to be healthy for kids."

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