Friday, December 16, 2005

Video Game News, December 16, 2005

Ex-Insider Is Out to Shake Up Video Games
by Matt Riochtel, New York Times, 12/16/05
"A venture capital firm is putting its backing behind a couple of upstarts."

The Xbox 360: What happens when video games get too real
by James Surowiecki, Slate 12/15/05
"The Xbox 360 is the best game console ever designed."

MOVIE GAMES: Video Games go Hollywood

by Matt Slagle, Associated Press 12/15/05
"Video games tend to make terrible movies, and vice versa."

Used Video Games Offer Secondhand Thrills: Market for used video games is hot and growing hotter
by Sarana Schell, Anchorage Daily News 12/15/05
"Brandon Mommsen, 10, looked all over Anchorage for a Gold version Pokemon game for his Gameboy."

Christian-run Invest Firm Fights Violent Video Games
by Jesse Noyes, Boston Herald 12/15/05
"Julie Tanner wants retailers to keep violent video games out of kids’ hands. "

Nintendo Restricts Access to Violent Video Games
NewsDay, 12/15/05
"The new Revolution console from Nintendo will allow users to require passwords for games that have ratings aimed at older gamers like "T" for "teen" and "M" for "mature." The new Xbox 360 also lets users restrict access."

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