Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Video Game News , December 14, 2005

Poll: Videogames or Video Games. Which is it?
by Christopher Grant, Joystiq 12/14/05
"Linguists unite! David at buzzcut has just stirred up a whole hornet’s nest of cultural confusion."

Video Games, Hostility Linked
myDNA 12/14/05
"Before you go out and buy your kid a video game for Christmas this year, you should consider the implications it could have on your child's frame of mind."

Games In 2005-2006: Tim Gerritsen: The CEO of Human Head Studios gives his views on the past year in games and what's ahead of 2006.

by John "JCal" Callaham, GameCloud 12/14/05
"Gamecloud continues our series of Q&As with game developers looking back in 2005 and looking forward to 2006 in the game industry with our chat with Tim Gerritsen, the CEO of Human Head Studios."

India's New Export: Video Games: Historical battle title Emperor Ashoka is mobile-phone-game maker Indiagames' first crack at the global market
by Reena Jana, Business Week 12/14/05
"With multiple limbs and each hand wielding a different weapon, the fearsome Indian warrior-goddess Kali is a natural video-game character."

Video Games Have Sequel-Happy Year
Associated Press 12/14/05
"Beyond a few innovative titles and some promising new hardware, the video game industry largely continued to do what it does best in 2005: churning out sequels, movie tie-ins and ultraviolence."

Brain Response Altered By Violent Video Games Claim

by Mike Slocombe, Digital-Lifestyles.Info 12/14/05
"The New Scientist is reporting that US researchers have discovered a brain mechanism that may link violent computer games with aggression."

2006 IGF Main Competition Finalists Announced!

Independent Game Festival, 12/11/05
Following an amazing set of entries for this year's IGF, we're pleased to announced that the judges have picked this year's Independent Games Festival finalists, and they are as follows...

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