Saturday, December 24, 2005

Video Game News , December 22-24, 2005

Violent Video Games Get Reprieve in the US
by Stuart Miles, Pocket Lint 12/23/05
"Californian law that made it illegal to sell or rent violent or sexually explicit games to children has been blocked by a US federal judge."

Parents Face Video Games Dilemma
by Mark Ward, BBC 12/23/05
"It has often been observed that the family that plays together stays together, but does that still apply when it comes to computer games?"

Response Has Been 'Positive' Say Owners of Iceman Video Games
Kawartha 12/23/05
"'This is the quietest the store has been all day,' says Iceman Video Games co-owner Gary Butler, as two people left his newly opened store on Tuesday afternoon."

Judge Nixes California Ban on Selling Violent Video Games to Children
Turkish Press News 12/23/05
"A federal judge has blocked California from banning sales of violent video games to children, prompting backers to vow on Friday to take their case to the US Supreme Court if necessary."

Question of the Week Responses: HD Video Games?

Gamasutra, 12/24/05
"With Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 set to support a resolution of at least 720p, pushing high-definition as a prominent feature in the next-generation of consoles, Gamasutra asked our audience: 'Is HD important to the future of video games?'"

Revolution Report: Women and Video Games

by Aaron Canaday, Revolution Report 12/21/05
"During a simple get together of either friends or family, it is fairly common to see a bunch of guys sitting on a couch playing a first person shooter (FPS) or sports game such as Madden, while the women in the group opt to remove themselves from the general gaming vicinity."

Violent and Sexual Video Games in Senate Crosshairs

by Kim Trobee, Family News In Focus 12/2/4/05
Legislation to monitor the industry is set in motion.
"Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Joseph Lieberman introduced the Family Protection Act in the Senate. Senator Clinton spoke of their intent..."

Video Games Sales Slump
by Roger Park, iMedia Connection 12/22/05
"The video game industry reported software sales declined from 2004 for a third straight month in November, the Associated Press reported."

Religious Groups Seek to Stop Sale of Violent Video Games to Minors

by Mark Pattison, Catholic News Service 12/21/05
"Too many violent video games rated M, for mature audiences, are going directly into the hands of minors who buy them from retail stores, a group of religious investors has declared."

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