Friday, December 30, 2005

Video Game News, December 30, 2005

Supposing ... Video Games Taught Me Something Useful
Charlie Brooker, The Guardian 12/30/05
"Help me. Kill me. I'm obsessed with a Game Boy game."

'05: Best of Video Games
By Vince Horiuchi & Sam Vicchrilli, The Salt Lake Tribune 12/30/05
"Much of the year in gamedom can be summed up thus: Second verse same as the first. "

Analyst Estimates 1.2 Million Xbox 360s Shipped So Far
by Nich Maragos, Gamasutra 12/29/05
"Though Xbox 360 hardware shortages since the system's launch are widely known, with the allocations in the U.S. so severe that launch day-style lines cropped up again for the console's second shipment, the precise extent of the shortfall had not yet been known."

The Year of the Turtle
by Dave Thomas, The Escapist 12/30/05
"According to the Chinese calendar, we are finishing up the year of the rooster and heading into the year of the dog. I suggest that for games, 2005 was the year of the vole, or maybe the box turtle."

Puppies Aren't for Sissies

by Bonnie Ruberg, The Escapist 12/30/05
"Everyone Loves Nintendogs. You know it; I know it."

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