Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Gamer's Quarter Issue #4 Now Available

The Gamer's Quarter Issue #4 Now Available and contains the following articles; download for free at

Shadows of an Art Form - Mr. Mechanical
Shadow of the Colossus - PS2

The Hero and the Sleeping Woman - JMG114
Myth and Good Storytelling in Video Games

Remembering Zelda II - The Great St. Louis
The Adventure Of Link, 15 Years Later

Riven is Probably my Favorite Game Ever - Ajutla
Riven - MAC, PC, PS1, SAT

Controller (R)Evolution - dessgeega
Nintendo, my mother, and the future of videogames.

We Must Free The Things We Love - dhex
We <3 Katamari - PS2

Wall-Jumping for Kicks - Swimmy
Super Metroid - SNES

Good Old-Fashioned Family Fun - KaterinLHC
Video Game Championship of the World

Show Me Something Georgeous - Mister Toups
A Brief Analysis of Videogame Aesthetics

Metal Gear Crossing - Persona-sama
Furniture Collecting Action!!

Interview with Greg Costikyan - dhex
Manifesto Games

Awakenings - Ajutla
NO$GMB – Gateway PC

Doubting Heroes - Faithless
God Of War - PS2

A Mighty Sword Against the Bacterians. The Story of Gradius the
Almighty - Randorama
A retrospective on the legend of planet Gradius, the Bacterians, and
the last 20 years or so of Options around the screen.
Arcadia of my Youth - Seryogin
On Japanese Role-Playing Games and Life

Ambidextrous Ambiance - ShaperMC
Beatmania - Arcade, PS1, PS2

Love Love Dance- dessgeega
Gunstar Super Heroes - GBA

Furries: Hedgehog Hodgepodge - Rabeewilliams
Influences for a Hedgehog

The Gamer's Quarter Accepts its First Bribe - SuperWes
Street Fighter Alpha: Generations - DVD

The Doom Generation - Mr. Mechanical
Fast, Hard and Brutal, Like Doom Was, But Not Really

The Happiest Time of My Live - Pat the Great
Chrono Trigger - SNES, PS1

Why Game? - Swimmy
Reason #3: Analysis

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