Friday, December 02, 2005

Video Game News, December 2, 2005

Video games go from worse to unspeakable
by Katherine Kersten, Star Tribune 11/30/05
"Parents know that today's movies often contain scenes that would send most families running for the exits. "

By George Vecsey, New York Times 12/1/05
"Tony Stewart says he became a champion stock-car driver by playing countless hours of video games when he was young."

Glimpses into the Future of Video Games from Microsoft and Nintendo
DFC Intelligence 11/30/05
"Of course, we are going to talk about the Xbox 360 in the month when its launch has dominated the interactive entertainment realm."

A New Low For Video Games? Cannibalism On Screen
by Brett Larson, WCBSTV/CBS 11/30/05
"Improved graphics and sound are making video game violence more lifelike than ever. Two new games go beyond the usual sex and violence: they're all about cannibalism."

Disney Launches Web Site With Video Games for Adults
by Alex Armitage, Bloomberg News 12/1/05
"Walt Disney Co., the No. 2 U.S. media company, expanded its online game business by starting a Web site with titles tailored for adults."

Sony Corp. has become the latest console maker to announce that the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console will have parental controls to help stop minors from playing violent video games.
CBC 11/30/05
"Parental controls on next generation games praised."

Online exclusive: Things to remember when buying video games
by Melissa Guya, Post Star, 12/2/2005
"Imagine you hear the sound of gunshots and the screaming of profanity coming from your barely pubescent son's television, only to discover he is playing the new video game you got him for Christmas. No, the M rating on the box did not mean "Merry Christmas," as you have just discovered."

PRESS RELEASE: In Video Games, Not All Mayhem Is Created Equal
American Psychological Society, 12/1/2005
"Video games are enormously popular, and most of them contain some form of violence. It has been well established that playing violent video games increases aggression in players. But what exactly is the connection?"

PRESS RELEASE: 'Women are Like Video Games' Theory Now Therapist Approved
"What was once theory is now simple fact; Kill The Crap In Dating: For Men will help to improve your dating life dramatically. "

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