Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Video Game News, December 6, 2005

Advertisers Following 'Eyeballs' to Games
by Jenn Abelson, The Boston Globe 12/6/05
"Luxury brands TAG Heuer, Bang & Olufsen and Lacoste are targeting a group of people you would not expect: 18- to 34-year-olds who spend hours playing video games."

Study Backs Ads in Video Games

AP 12/6/05
"Advertisers are always looking for new ways to sell you things, and one of the newest is video games."

Violent Video Games Desensitize Players to Real-World Violence
University of Michigan News Service 12/5/05
"Playing violent video games changes brain function and desensitizes chronic players to violence, a new study shows."

Technology Corner: Another victory for video games
by Robert F. Ludwick, The Rebel Yell 12/5/05
"The video game industry in the United States has notched another victory in the ongoing struggle between the industry and would-be censors."

Video Games for the Subteen Set
by Levi Buchanan, Chicago Tribune 12/6/05
"Video games aren't all blood and gore. Here's a list aimed at the 12-and-under set. Games cost $20 to $50, and the systems that play them cost $99 to $150."

Video Games Aren't Just Child's Play

by Julie Moran Alterio, The Journal News 12/5/05
"A chef and caterer, Charlotte Berwind spends a lot of time on the phone on hold with clients and vendors. "

Video Games Offer Tutorials in Violence
by State Rep. Fred Morgan (R-Oklahoma City), The Muskogee Phoenix 12/5/05
"If someone on the street offered to teach your children to decapitate their enemies, physically abuse women, and assassinate world leaders, you’d probably call the police."

Violence in Video Games
by Steven Williamson, Hexus Gaming 12/5/05
"In Iowa State University results have been announced from reserach in violence and video gaming."

Illinois Gov to Keep Fighting Violent Games
by Brendan Sinclair, GameSpot 12/5/05
"After the state's game restriction laws were declared unconstitutional, Governor Rod Blagojevich vows to appeal ruling, begin grassroots efforts."

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