Sunday, December 25, 2005

Video Game News, December 25, 2005

The Year That Games Discovered Their Star Power
by Charles Herold, New York Times 12/25/05
"From "King Kong" to "Batman Begins," film-based titles are holding the screen on their own."

Video Games Can Benefit Some Children
by Jim Killackey, The Oklahoman 12/25/05
"Computer and video games were among the more popular gifts beneath the tree this year."

Club lets kids create their own video games: Program fosters tech skills, imagination
by HongDao Nguyen, Mercury News 12/25/05
"In Neilash Bhartu's virtual world, the 12-year-old deftly guns down floating skulls and corrupt military officials."

Video Game Creators Showed They Can be Innovative - Even in Turning Out Sequels
by Monty Phan, Newsday 12/25/05
"Video game Creators showed they can be innovative - even in turning out sequels."

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