Monday, December 12, 2005

Video Game News, December 12, 2005

Video Games Making 2nd Wave of Korean Culture Boom 12/12/05
"The K-pop singers and movie stars have grabbed the spotlight as the Korean wave, or “hallyu,” sweeps over Asia, but it is Korea's video game companies that count the biggest pile of cold cash for the export of their wares."

Violent Video Games Alter Brain's Response to Violence

by Helen Phillips, New Scientist.Com 12/12/05
"A brain mechanism that may link violent computer games with aggression has been discovered by researchers in the US."

Video Games Can Help Children’s Health
VHI Irish 8/2/05
"Video games can have health benefits for children, argued an expert in last week's British Medical Journal (BMJ)."

69-year-old Grandma Plays Video Games 10 Hours a Day 12/12/05
"Timothy Saint Hilaire of Ohio love spending time with his grandma. While many grandmothers bake apple pies or play bridge, Timothy's grandma plays video games."

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