Saturday, December 03, 2005

Video Game News, December 3, 2005

Video Games' Second Life
by Troy Wolverton, 12/2/2005
"Already contending with soft sales and rising costs, video-game publishers have one more thing to worry about: The used-game market."

Buying Violent Video Games Might Soon Require Parental Consent
WBAY/ABC, 12/2/05
"A Wisconsin legislator wants to make it illegal for stores to sell violent or sexually explicit video games to minors without a parent's consent."

Bayh Takes Aim at Violent Games:Democrat says research shows exposure to graphic content leads to violence, desensitization
by Mary Beth Schneider, 12/2/05
"U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh wants to put legal teeth behind video game ratings intended to keep violent games out of the hands of youngsters."

Critics and Games Industry do Battle Stateside
by Luke Guttridge, Ferrago 12/2/05
"As you might have read earlier in the week, influential New York senator and former first-lady Hillary Clinton has decided to tackle the growing issue of games ratings stateside head on with a new piece of legislation."

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