Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Video Game News, December 27, 2005

Video Games to Liven up Holiday Soirees
by Lou Kesten, AP 12/27/05
"Where I come from, a party isn't a party until (a) there's an unlikely couple making out in the laundry room, (b) a piece of furniture has been broken and (c) the police and/or paramedics have been called. Oh, and (d) there's a crowd forming around the video game setup."

My Son and I, Game to Learn
by Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post 12/26/05
"This year my knowing 11-year-old was told to write to Santa Claus, partly to keep the fun going for his younger siblings and partly because it forced him to write. He seized the opportunity to ask, naturally, for a computer game: more stuff to distract him from writing and books."

Holidays All About Fun and Video Games: Area gamers relish time to play with family and friends
by Heather Newman, Detroit Free Press, 12/27/05
"Cleveland Bonds is already laying down the rules in his family about who gets to play the new video games they got Christmas morning."

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